Equipment & Services

Applied in the treatment and disposal of drill cuttings (OBM/SOBM/PSBM) with
oil recovery option.

Applied in the treatment of water-based mud (WBM) and top-hole cuttings.

 Treatment of Drill Cuttings and sludge decontamination under high temperature.

• Domestic waste incinerator (CA 1000)
• Domestic waste incinerator (RD 700)

Mobile WBM/OBM handling unit (Barite/OBM recovery)

• High Pressure Wash down units
• Liquid Recovery Units(L.R.U).
• Sludge Gulper Units.
• Waste materials Trash compactors.
• Inflatable pollution booms.

Disposal of medical waste (plasters, syringes, cotton wool, expired drugs and

 Cleaning of hydrocarbon storage/vessel tanks.

• Supply of 1000Kg transportation trash bags for general waste.
• Providing consultancy services/solutions to environmental challenges.
• Absorbent pads/ inflatable pollution booms.
Land Transportation – Provision of Tanker and Vacuum Trucks for the transportation of effluent waste and Trailer Trucks for the transportation of solid waste.
Water/Marine Transportation – Provision of coral barges and tug boats for the transportation of drill cuttings.

We have been in operation for over 20 years.

Our aim as an environmental company is to maximize customer satisfaction by providing high quality service in our operating area.