What We Do At ITS Drilling


Following is a list of Services and Equipment that ITS Drilling Services can provide

Service No.1: Drilling Mud Cuttings & Sludge Decontamination Equipment

  • Drilling cuttings and sludge decontamination equipment. (DSD)

Service No.2:Specific Purpose Incinerators

  • Domestic waste incinerators
  • Liquid mud incinerator

Service No.3:Pollution Control & Clean-up Equipment.

  • High pressure washes down units.
  • Liquid recovery vacuum units.
  • Sludge gulper.
  • Waste materials Trash compactors
  • Inflatable pollution booms.

Service No. 4: Others – Consultancy/ Consumables

  • Supply of 1000Kg transportation trash bags for drill cuttings and general waste.
  • Providing consultancy services/solutions to environmental challenges.

Over time, our cleaning services and business methods have expanded, adapted and diversified in order to provide clients with the best possible service delivery we can offer.

We build and sustain long-term partnerships with clients by developing tailored cleaning service solutions to cater to clients specific needs - providing an excellent standard of cleaning, whilst being fully committed to lowering our impact on the environment

Our pledge is on quality, reliability and after-sales service, delivered via our proactive service management teams, offered hand in hand with competitive pricing and a tailored cleaning service.